LÀYOON is a Ready-to-wear fashion brand that originated in Paris in 2019 and is currently based in Seoul. 

Our collection blend craftsmanship with delicate details, particularly, putting emphasis on materials and colors. 

Moreover, our signature lies in the combination of contrasting elements, such as minimalism and maximalism, femininity and masculinity, regularity and irregularity.

LÀYOON has been inspired by features of Mother Nature such as the sky, moon, stars, light, wind and flowers.

Yoona LEE, the founder and creative director of LAYOON, was born in Seoul and majored in fashion design. 

After that, she established LÀYOON's identity and crafted its unique story while studying fashion intensively at ' Studio Berçot ' fashion school in Paris. 

With a focus on sophisticated and exquisite details within classic silhouettes, LÀYOON strives to express its own sensibility without being constrained by time or trends.